The SIMPLE SV-6 series are sanitary globe valves used as a linear motion regulator in applications requiring sterile operations. It is designed to withstand extreme temperature ranges and deliver millions of cycles in high-pressure system applications.

What makes the SV-6 series sanitary globe valves famous is that it meets Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in addition to health, medical and food standards such as clean-polished surfaces (a fineness of 0.4-0.8μm), use of Non-toxic sealing (rubber or stemless steel), snowing for cleaning and disinfection in site and prevention of media entrapment.


Features of the SV-6 Sanitary Globe Valves

The SV-6 series of sanitary glove valves feature the following improved sealing and performance characteristics:

The sanitary globe valves are noiseless and feature protection measures against water-hammer effects when the valve gets suddenly shut. Frictionless sealing is achieved by the use of smooth and polished bonnets that eliminate noise when the stem gets drilled through the valve body. For protection against water hammer, elastic compression materials are used to absorb some of the shocks from the fluid due to the sudden closure of the valve.

The SV-6 also makes use of a few internal parts to reduce the mass of the valve and minimize unnecessary vibration.

To limit the entrapment of the medium under control, SV-6 sanitary globe valves make use of polished steel surfaces, unique bonnets and plug design. The body design is such that the valve seat partitions the valve body into z-shaped diaphragms that allow for straight-through flow and simple unmounting in case of inspections and repair.

The piping is such that the inlet and outlet pipes are aligned for a straight-through flow leaving no residues behind which would otherwise compromise the integrity of the internal valve parts.

SV-6 series of valves make use of screwless/ boltless plugs to minimize and eliminate the risk of bolt dropping that would otherwise damage the valve and compromise the medium being controlled.

The valves are designed to deliver millions of cycles in high-pressure system applications and withstand extreme temperature ranges. The SV-6 series has very few internal parts, therefore very stable to withstand a working pressure of up to 8 bars/ 116 psi, 10 bars/ 145 psi as an option.

Depending on the materials used for the sealing, the valves can work reach up to 180°C.

Some SV-6 valves make use of smart controllers and indicators to show the state of the port — closed or open. This could be position sensors, Diaphragm actuators with smart valve positioners and stroke limiters to regulate the valve’s opening range.

Operation of the SV-6 Sanitary Globe Valves

SV-6 series valves are simple to operate and maintain clean because of their minimalistic design. Like all other globe valves, the operation is either manual or automated, and the final distance between the valve seat and the plug determines the rate of flow.

In manual operation, the stem features a handwheel that is turned to produce the perpendicular movement that restricts flow by narrowing the flow path, closing the port or opening the port. The handwheel can be of plastic or stainless-steel finishing.

In automated SV-6 valves, shafts get controlled by double-acting or single-acting pneumatic actuators. The shafts maneuver the valve into an open or closed position. Some SV-6 series feature solenoid actuators too that can be remote controlled.

Examples of the SV-6 Sanitary Globe Valves

There’re several valves in the SV-6 series based on your preferences of the mode of operation, end-connection, sealing material and intelligent indicators. Here’s a look:

The SV-6MC

The SV-6MC is the Sanitary Manual Globe Valve for those who prefer to hand-control the valve themselves. The SV-6MC comes in 304 or 316 polished steel alloy body finishing. It is available in an assortment of trim configurations with intelligent stroke limiters and position sensors to provide precise throttling required in printing, food processing, dyeing, plumbing, and biopharmaceutical operations.

Here’s how you will recognize it:

  • Size: it is available in the DN10-DN65 size range
  • Operation, Features either a stainless steel or plastic handwheel.
  • End connections: buttweld, tri-clamp, threaded, or flanged for leakproof sealing.
  • Internal surface fineness, Ra 16 ~ 32µin (0.4 ~ 0.8µm).
  • Seat material, elastic compression Teflon/PTFE to help with water-hammer.
  • The working temperature reaches up to 180°C.
  • Working pressure up to 8 bars/116 psi, 10 bars/145 psi as an option. 

The SV-6PC

This is the sanitary globe valve with pneumatic actuators that make it suitable as the switch in various automatic control systems for biopharmaceutical, plumbing, washing, bleaching or food processing operations. Some of its features are similar to the SV-6MC plus the following:


  • Operation: Normally-open and Normally-close Pneumatic actuators in plastic or stainless steel finishing.
  • Working pressure up to 8 bars/116 psi, 10 bars/145 psi as option
  • Working temperature reaches up to 180°C.
  • Actuator medium, compressed air at 58-102psi (4-7bar).

The SV-6PC-C

This version of the SV-6 series features a C-TOP control unit — a pneumatic control module to give maximum control over any sanitary process in the food and processing, plumbing, printing, and personal care industry. The C-TOP control module is compatible with various Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) automated systems that make use of digital/bus communication.

C-TOP allows for pneumatic control over the valve’s position sensors and bus communication for feedback relay to the control panel to indicate the valve position. Features of the SV-6PC-C series include:

  • Sizes, available in a range of DN10-DN65 sizes.
  • End connections could be butt-weld, tri-clamp, threaded, or Flanged.
  • Seat material, elastic compression Teflon/ PTFE.
  • C-TOP control module: an inductive valve position sensor (open or closed) plus a single acting 24-volt solenoid valve.
  • Operation, pneumatic actuator in plastic or stainless steel finishing


The SV6-PC-IL features an IL-TOP intelligent control module that allows you to set a value that will be used to position the valve. It is suitable for the biopharmaceutical and food processing fields too. It features:

  • End connections, tri-clamp, butt-weld, flanged, or threaded.
  • Body material, 304 or 316 steel body finishing.
  • Seat material, Teflon (PTFE)
  • Working pressure ranges, available for 8 bars/116 psi, 10 bar /145 psi as an option.
  • The operation, pneumatic actuators
  • Valve position locator, IL-TOP positioner with a feedback function that gives out 4-20 MA input and output signals.



In retrospect, the SV-6 series of sanitary globe valves are available in a variety of trim configurations to provide optimum control over the flow of fluids in sanitary operations. They have been uniquely engineered to avoid corrosion and deliver millions of cycles in high temperature and high-pressure processes.

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