Do you have a dirty tank that desperately needs cleaning? If you do, then you need to look for a sanitary spray ball. These are intriguing devices used to clean the inner parts of storage tanks, milk collection or distributing trucks and CIP tanks. They are available in a variety of stainless-steel materials including the T304 and T316.

Their impressive functionality makes them a huge favorite in various processing and manufacturing industries. Good examples are beverage and food-processing plants as well as pharmaceutical companies. Continue reading to learn more about these excellent cleaning devices!

Are You Thinking of Getting Sanitary Spray Balls

Best Types of Sanitary Spray Balls

Once you go searching for these devices, there are three products which should be on your mind. Since all have different functionalities, make sure you choose the one which suits your needs. They include:

This device works best in low-pressure systems and is made from 304/316L stainless steel materials. They also have a 180 grit outside and inside finish. They should be fixed to a pipe, tube or tri-clamp. They are simply an ideal choice for chemical containers, brewery, food processing, and pharmaceutical tanks.

This is a rotating jet with a 360 degrees movement for efficient cleaning. It has a rather different design from the stationary spraying balls. It’s made from SS304 and SS316L stainless steel material plus it also has a more advanced cleaning nozzle. Its spray head does a remarkable job in cleaning chemical containers, brewery, and food-processing containers as well as pharmaceutical tanks.

Here is another fantastic sanitary spray ball. Basically, it’s a jet which rotates at 360 degrees for thorough space cleaning. It also has a rather superior container cleaning nozzle that won’t let you down. Just like the above products, this spray head is a brilliant choice for removing dust, dirt particles and debris in chemical, food processing, and brewery tanks.

Features of Sanitary Spray Balls

These tank cleaning gadgets have some excellent features that are sure to grab your attention. Yes, they are made in a way that suits the needs of every consumer. Take a look!

Their pattern and diameter are made in a way that suits your cleaning system. They vary depending on coverage as well as degree. For instance, while some rotate at 180 degrees others cover 270 degrees and 360 degrees. The widely used materials that make these spray balls are the 316L type of stainless steel. Now, you’re free to tune or drill the spray ball degrees of movement depending on the kind of cleaning you wish to carry out. However, remember that this also depends on the size of the container, and the flow of water.

It’s always good to look at the design of any product before making any purchase. When it comes to sanitary spray balls, you’ll be pleased to know that their simplistic make ensures not much maintenance is needed. What’s more, they are affordable gadgets making them a rather reliable container or tank cleaning option.

These devices are made in a way that ensures efficient cleaning even when the water pressure is minimal. This is through their hollow spheres which allow jets of fluid to spray in all direction. They hit the walls of the tank, spread out as they flow downwards.

When using these spray balls to remove the dirt from your tank, you’re assured that they’ll be no metal corrosion. They an “electro-polish” the inner-metal surface for a thoroughly finished surface. You can even hire a professional contractor to carry out a de-rouging advanced polishing procedure. This is a process which uses the tetra acetic acid known as ethylenediamine and citric acid.

A Closer Look into the Normal Spray Ball Drilling Patterns

Just like we’ve mentioned, you need to choose the right drill pattern for your cleaning procedure. Here are the most popular options!

  • 360°

This is the type of spray coverage which covers every part of the container. Owing to its efficiency, it’s the widely used drilling pattern.

  • 180°U

This is the second most popular pattern. It comes in handy when you need to clean the top part of your container It’s, therefore, inserted from the upper part of the tank or vessel.

  • 22°H

This drill pattern is fixed 22 degrees horizontally to provide a more thorough cleaning process. It’s used together with the double-ball tee to cover a greater cleaning area especially when equipment like baffles, level sensors, dip tubes, and level switches are present.

  • 180°UD

This pattern provides efficient downward and upward spraying. It’s fixed horizontally using either a double-ball tee or side port. It also has a spray coverage of 180 degrees which is more than the 180°UD.

  • 180°

The pattern is inserted using different ports. For instance, you can insert it along the sides of the tank to spray on the agitator or even from the bottom part to spray upwards. However, this is not a reliable drilling pattern as it only covers half of the container.

Temperature Ranges

Sanitary butterfly valves operate under particular temperatures. With the different seals, their temperature ranges are diverse. Have a look at how they operate. Some seals can handle high temperatures while others handle them lower.

For the EPDM seal, the sanitary valve works at about 14°F to 248°F. In degrees Celsius it is from -10°C to 120°C.

Valves sealed with Silicone do well in -22°F to 356°F. This is approximate -30°C to 180°C.

The Viton-sealed hygienic valves work at 23°F to 356°F or about -5°C to 220°C.

Teflon valves are great performers at -4°F to +482°F. This translates to -20°C to 250°C.

Why Do You Need a Sanitary Spray Ball?

You can clearly see that these devices are just what you need to get your vessel 100% clean. Now, while there are quite a number of reasons why you need to fix these gadgets into your cleaning container, here’s why you feel you really need them!

  • Their fast cleaning procedure will get your tank clean in no time
  • Their cost-effective nature will help you to extend your business
  • Directional drilling as well as orbital welding
  • They use the Clean-in-place procedure which utilizes steam, hot water, and special chemicals or disinfectants



Sanitary spray balls are handy devices meant for cleaning both large and small containers. Their indiscriminate spraying procedure ensures instantaneous wetting. Most importantly, they are efficient cleaning devices which will never let you down. All you have to do is to pick the type of spray ball and custom drilling which works best for you. Good luck!

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